18 April 2014

six posts i'm loving

I love finding posts that make me think or want to come back for more.  I know that I have a hard time compiling a list of these posts because I want them to benefit my readers too!  So do yourself a favor and check them out :)

Marquis @ Simply Clarke wrote an amazing post on how to be a happier you.  It was a great reminder to stop and smell the flowers.  Lately my life has been flying by and I am so ready for it to slow down.  Always remember to cherish the little moments!

Erin @ Two Thirds Hazel decided to decorate her entire living room and it turned out freaking gorgeous!  My only question is when can she book a flight to come help me out with my entire house?

Aimee @ Click Pray Create posted about changing her perspective and attitude when it comes to those days where things just don't go right.  I know that we all could benefit by thinking more on the positive side and not dwelling on the negative.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this post on XO Sarah.  It was kind of a reality check for me.  You should check it out and find out if you are busy or effective.  Print out the printable and see, I know I'm going to!  Honestly I will probably print out at least 10 of the worksheets ha ha.

Christine @ Apartment 46 shared a post about the day superman taught her how rich she really is.  I couldn't agree more with her post, and of course I commented about how it's funny the things our kids teach us.  I know that I am far from rich money-wise, but we are rich in so many other things.

I don't know anyone who doesn't love cute hangers, especially if they have sequins.  So when I ran across Chelsea's diy decorative hanger post I had to share it!

17 April 2014

happy 4th birthday C

For once, as I sit at the table with my fingers posed on the keyboard, I am at a loss for words.  I feel like just yesterday we were leaving the hospital bringing you home, the most perfect baby boy.  I remember every single emotion as if it were happening right now - how full of love I was, the joy I felt in my heart, and the fear I had of messing up.  Being a first time mom with absolutely no child experience was scary!  I know John, our family, and our friends got a good laugh at how scared I was to hold you wrong.

I remember all of your firsts, all of your milestones, everything.  I treasure each and every moment.  In fact, every time I watch one of the videos featuring your firsts my eyes well up and I am overcome with happiness.  You have grown into such an awesome kid.  You are a daredevil, smart as a whip, and absolutely hilarious.  I am so proud of the little person you are becoming, even if you have quite the attitude.  At least you know what you want (which by the way is a white Nintendo 3DS, but I hate to break it to you that you aren't getting that.  I bought you a blue Nintendo DS because it wouldn't hurt my wallet as bad when you break it and we have to replace it.).  Your dad and I love you so very much.  Happy 4th birthday Carson.

16 April 2014

happy anniversary

Dear John,

Sometimes I wonder how you've managed to put up with me for five years now.  Five years, wow.  I know it hasn't been easy - I'm pretty obnoxious, stubborn, not really domesticated, and I have a bit of a temper - but I'm so glad you've stuck around and decided I was worth it.  I can't imagine spending my life with any one else, nor can I imagine someone else being anywhere near as good of father as you are to our son.  I like to think that it is pretty darn obvious how much I love you, after all I am constantly telling you so.  I'm also always bragging about you to others every chance I get.  (But I'm not the only one, my mom and my grandma do too!)  In fact you are the only guy that my family genuinely likes.  I joke that they would choose you over me, but it's not really a joke.. there is quite a bit of truth to it.

You are my best friend (don't tell Christina!) and my rock.  My shoulder to cry on and the first person I want to tell everything to.  It's rather insane how much you mean to me.  Everyone should know by now that I tell you everything, even those secrets I'm not supposed to tell.  You're a better secret keeper than I am anyway.  I love how handy and knowledgeable you are.  I'm constantly surprised by the things you do, fix, or know about.  I love that if the car breaks down you can fix it, if the garbage disposal quits working you can fix it, something doesn't sound quite right and you know how to fix it!  I also love how you help everyone even when you don't have time or have other plans.  You are amazing.

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.  I love you with everything I have and more.

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