07 July 2014

Not goodbye, at least not yet.

I've been trying to start this post for over an hour now, and I can't stop deleting the first sentence to try something different.  Something with more emotion, more... something.  Something more memorable maybe?  I don't know.  For once my words are escaping me and I am left grasping at straws in hopes that something will sound right.  I might as well just get on with it and quit drawing it out, eh?  Life & Lemons has been good to me - I've gotten to know so many amazing bloggers, and I've become friends with said bloggers.  I've had a place to turn to when I needed to put pen to paper, or more aptly fingers to keyboard.  So you can imagine that my goodbye is very bittersweet.

Don't panic yet!  I'm not saying goodbye to blogging because, for me, that would just be silly.  After all I need something to do all day that isn't housework, unpacking, or schoolwork.  Something to blame when nothing has been done anyway.  Hah, like I could just step away from blogging altogether.  That is pretty funny to think about.  Anyway, I digress.  I'm very excited (read: so nervous I think I might have a panic attack) to announce that I will be blogging over at Chasing My Extraordinary from here on out.

Hope you'll follow me over there.

04 July 2014

finding beauty in the every day

On Friday's I try to link up with Aimee at This Darling Day for her Finding Beauty photography link-up because I always look forward to playing with my camera and snapping photos.  A couple weeks ago Aimee asked me if I would like to co-host with her and I jumped at the opportunity!  I love her link up and I love looking at the gorgeous photos that everyone takes.

Here are my photos for the week:

I am always in awe when photographers are able to capture bees on the flowers, I don't know why but to me they make the photo better.  When I was snapping photos of that gorgeous purple flower and a bee landed on it I just about had a stroke!  Such luck!

I love the look of concentration on Carson's face in this photo!  John took the boys out to shoot the pellet gun and I couldn't help but intrude on their guy time to take some pictures.

At our new house we have these pretty little flowers in the front and I wanted to take a picture of them but the wind was blowing so hard!  I had to grab the base of the flower to try to stabilize it while trying to take a picture with my other hand.  Hopefully it turned out halfway decent!

What have you found beauty in lately? 

03 July 2014

July Goals

Some how I managed to not do too shabby on last month's goals (shown below) even with running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  But before I get too much farther, how the heck is it already July?  I feel like I am a broken record by saying something similar to that every month.  Any way, I digress, here are my July goals:

  1. Pass my college orientation class with flying colors.
  2. Read and review at least two books.
  3. Get rid of 50 more things.
  4. Go to the beach.
  5. Try a new recipe or two.
  6. Schedule blog posts and catch up on blogging.

Here are last month's goals:
  1. Finish going through our stuff and get things organized and labeled for the family garage sale at the end of the month.  Success!  The garage sale just got pushed back a couple weekends, but all of our stuff is labeled and in boxes ready to go.
  2. Hike to Buckhorn Lake and make it out alive.  Success!  I was sore for the next week, but I definitely made it out alive.. just not kicking.
  3. Finish packing.  Success!  We are all moved into our new place.
  4. Find time to workout and eat healthier.  Not quite...  I got some meal planning written up, some healthy food ideas, and workouts lined up but I have been swamped with other things and haven't implemented anything yet.
  5. Get rid of over 100 things.  Success!  Now I just have to get rid of about 100 more.
  6. Find and buy a new planner so I can get my hectic life organized, at least on paper.  Success!  I bought an even bigger planner with more room to write things.
  7. Catch back up on blogging and get a handful of posts scheduled.  This is a work in progress.
Linking up with Angie for Monthly Goals!
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